Aaron Strack




Aaron Strack is a 2 year student at the Humphrey School of Music and is currently going through the audition process to head to college for musical theatre in order to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

He has been most notably seen on the TUTS stage as Angel in the show RENT and Marley / Feziwig in the show Scrooge. Aaron has sang competitively at many state competitions successfully and also takes pride in his accomplishments as an Eagle Scout.

While away from singing and acting, Aaron enjoys to hangout with his friends and explore his love of music with a variety of instruments he plays. He enjoys the outdoors and sports as well as gaming on his computer and console.

Aaron credits all his successes to all the wonderful people that have always pushed him to reach for that extra inch as well as the various musical mentors that have inspired him to pursue his passion for music. He also gives special thanks to his parents for believing in him every step of the way.

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